Crossy Road

Crossy road is a game you can get it on smart phones, tablets, and i pods. Is like frogger, except  in crossy road you can unlock other charterers. My favorite one is andy sum. He leaves a red trail that looks like ribbon. You can find coins and get free gifts of 50-500 coins. With coins if you get 100 of those you can get an animal or person. Also, you can earn charterers by using other pepole or animals. I have so many people.


  1. dear Andy,
    this look so cool but I did not play this before
    but I think you had lot of fun.


  2. Dear Andy,

    Sometime I would like to try this game. You can’t beat a game that’s like Frogger!



  3. Dear Andy,

    I agree with Mom ! I used to love Frogger. Sometimes when I’m crossing a busy road, I feel like I AM Frogger! 🙂 I like how you gave a lot of description. I feel like I have a good understanding of the game now. Maybe we should put this on the tablet. I also like how you added a picture. A visual always helps.

    Love ,
    Mrs. C.

  4. Dear Andy,
    Hey, I have that game too! How many characters do you have? Do you have the celebrity and the Fortune Chicken? You did great on that post.


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