The Weekend 3-20/15

I had a very fun weekend. On Sunday I went to my friends birthday party at the the Westlake rec center. It was a swimming party. There were two slides, A big one and a small one. I only went on the tall slide. Also, there is a pool you can swim laps in and a pool to play in. My favorite part was the lilly pads and the diving board/platform pool. In the lilly pad pool there are floating platforms in the water you walk across them, holding on to a net above the pool. I will post a picture of the lilly pads in the next post.


After that party I went to sky zone. For a cub scouts outing. It was very fun. Sky Zone is a trampoline park in Westlake. There I tried to do every activity there. There is dodge-ball, free jump, virtual doge-ball, foam pit, and sky slam. Then me and My friend Adam went to a restraint and had wings, he had light buffalo, and I had barbque.

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  1. Dear Andy,

    That was a fun weekend for you! I’ll put the lilly pad video on the computer today so you can add it in tonight or tomorrow. Hope you are having a great day!



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