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Australia is a very interesting country. The first people came on boats at the end of the ice age. In early Australia there were over 250 languages! At first the people couldn’t find food. The currency (money) is the Australian dollar. The capitol of Australia is Canberra.  It is very peaceful. There are a couple sports that  you might play that they also play, such as: basketball, rugby, football, cricket, soccer, net ball or horse racing. The continent Australia is the country Australia.

what I did over the snow days

Dear readers,


On the first snow day I went Ice skating. I was TERRIBLE!!! Later I  taught myself to skate. It hurt my knees a Whole bunch. The second day I went to a sleepover at my friend Drew’s house. At the sleepover I watched the muppets most wanted for the second time. I had such a fun time. This weekend I won both of my basketball games.



My chain story

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Dear readers,


Now I am doing the fifth blogging challenge. It is to make a chain story. If you do not know what a chain story is I can tell you, a chain story is a story where someone writes the beginning of a story and other people finish it in the comments after you read continue on with the story.




One day there was a boy named Zach, he was a nice and friendly boy until one day. Two years later he was using his dad’s computer workshop and stuck his finger in a usb slot. He slept for one week the docters thought he was dead… but he was a syborg but still alive…



please work on the story when you comment!!!