wordle   This is my wordle, it is a collage made from words you typed in. You can make a wordle for about any kind of idea. All the kids in my class made a wordle too. We made wordles for our personalty, or character traces. To go to the website click on the blue wordle. Feel free to make a wordle. no login neaded, but you need java.


  1. Andy,

    I just made my own wordle but I’m not sure how to share it with you on here. Ask me when you get home!



  2. Dear Andy,

    Wow! I love this Wordle. haha. It makes me laugh that “taco” is as big as “boy”. You must really love tacos! I don’t think Mom will be able to add the Wordle to her comment, but you could show her how to add it to your blog in a post. She could be a guest blogger 🙂
    Mrs. C.

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